Celebrity Calamity

Times Played: 7919

Meet Alice Albudget, Ryan "Buster" Buyin, and Missy Moolah- these fabulous up and coming celebrities have got the talent to become super stars…if only they could watch how much they spend as closely as they watch the Oscars! In their luxury world it’s easy to run up a tab by charging parties, designer clothes and cool gadgets on their credit cards…but it’s definitely not easy to pay off that debt! It’s your turn to shine: play Financial Manager by balancing bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards successfully! Looks like YOU’RE the next up and coming Celebrity Manager!

While you’re having all that fun, Celebrity Calamity is teaching you the importance of:

• Paying more than the minimum credit card payment;
• Minimizing credit card finance charges;
• Avoiding all fees including bank overdraft, credit card late payment, and credit card over-limit; and
• Making good annual percentage rate (APR) choices.

Celebrity Calamity is the 2009 Horizon Award Winner.


# Name Score
1 ShaNece16 107,930
2 caden.166 98,515
3 Harlee Huff 33,486
4 Talbietoes 24,416
5 53169 21,275
6 ghindoian 19,320
7 fordy9er 18,442
8 Cotton Banana 18,219
9 Kaitlyn Ohman 16,253
10 9510181 16,040