Watching your crops grow is fun, but watch out for the hungry bunnies ready to munch if your debt gets out of control! Quickly match the same kind of veggies in a row to cash them in, and save to plan for emergencies like time warps and other “natural” disasters. Combining the most popular casual game mechanic in the world, a Match-3 puzzle game, with financial education content, Farm Blitz has an addictive, immersive quality.

So, while you’re addicted you might as well make it good for you right? FarmBlitz will teach you about:

• The power of compound interest, both positive and negative;
• The value of low-interest, long-term savings; and
• The perils of high-interest, short-term debt.

Farm Blitz is the 2011 EIFLE Award Winner.


# Name Score
1 kyker 48,566
2 Muleyslayer99 46,067
3 Kaylee M. 44,126
4 brodeback09 43,165
5 Muleyslayer99 43,061
6 just-inDeeznutz 42,955
7 Muleyslayer99 40,552
8 Kaura 39,770
9 johnDoe1632 34,339
10 ottojan000 33,546